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Activity Report


‘A company that has stayed constantly at the top of the global niche for a hundred years’ – this is what we are aiming for.

Activity Report

QMS(Quality Management System)

Our aim is to contribute to society through the prompt delivery of high-precision,
high-quality products that are trusted by our customers and meet their needs.

Quality policy


We will strive to improve customer satisfaction with respect to quality, delivery times, service and information.


We will build, implement and maintain a quality management system enabling us to provide better products and make continuous improvements to ensure that the system functions effectively.


To support both our traditions of craftsmanship and new creativity, we will develop human resources and promote the improvement of processes and product quality.


Through a system of internal and external cooperation, we will strive to determine the cause of defective items and to prevent their recurrence, and aim to generate no complaints.

❶Communication with customers

In order to achieve short delivery times and high quality and thus provide our customers with satisfactory products, we 
value communication with our customers. 
Our sales and technical staff work together to make suggestions tailored to the customer’s needs, providing technical 
support from the selection of materials to the processing method.


We use the distinctive metal processing technologies we have developed over many years through our system of internal 
and external cooperation, to achieve the highest level of quality.
We dare to try out prototypes and products in development, to meet the diverse needs of our customers.

❸Human Resource Development

We provide a wide range of education and training in quality, technology, environment, hygiene, etc., including QMS training 
by instructors from within and outside the company. 
Along with the development of education and training programs based on ability assessment, in order to pass on to the 
next generation the skills and know-how of our veteran workers we promote multi-skill development, the establishment of 
work standards and on-the-job training.

EMS(Environment Management System)

IWe are building an environmental management system based on ISO14001, and developing 
environmentally-friendly business practices.

Environmental policy

1.Basic principles

RIKAZAI Co. Ltd., recognizes that, while being a part of economic growth and technological development, environmental problems are a factor in the destruction of nature and a threat to life. Considering the achievement of a low-carbon society to be a key issue, we promote business activities that will provide high-quality products from a minimum of resources and energy.

2.Environment policy

Our organization has a shared awareness of our need to provide high-value-added products and reduce our environmental impact.
In our environmental activities and the promotion of SDGs, we will strive to prevent pollution, focusing on the following items.
1. We will implement personnel training and enhance efficiency through the       improvement of quality and business operations.
2. We will prepare for natural disasters by responding to climate change through the preparation and operation of a BCP.
3. We contribute to the effective use of scarce resources by developing thin foil processing technology.
4. Taking marine pollution and forest protection into consideration, we will promote the reduction of plastic waste and the recycling of paper.
We comply with the laws and regulations relating to business activities, and respond to other requirements within the scope of our voluntary public commitments.
Based on our business plan, we promote our environmental activities by setting environmental targets in each field, drawing up an action plan, quantifying the level of achievement and carrying out regular reviews and revisions. 
In addition to working to raise our employees’ understanding of our environmental policy and their environmental awareness, this environmental policy will be disseminated outside the company in order to publicize it including to the companies with which we cooperate.

3.Scope of application

Target organization:RIKAZAI Co. Ltd. Main Factory
Location:1810-7 Shimonumabe, Nakahara-ku, Kawasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture 
Activities:Manufacture and sale of precision-rolled foils and plates in various metals, and products processed from the same

CSR activities

〔Compliance with laws and regulations〕

We are working on compliance in order to carry out fair and transparent
corporate activities in good faith, in line with domestic law and social norms.


For better environmental performance,
we review our EMS on a regular basis and strive continuously for improvement.

〔Social contribution〕

As part of our social contribution activities, we continue to make donations
to UNICEF and the Japanese Red Cross Society.


We work to raise safety awareness in order to maintain our record of zero
traffic accidents involving our company vehicles as well as zero accidents
occurring in the manufacturing process. (The 7 vows of road safety)


In normal times, we formulate and prepare BCP to be put into practice in
times of emergency or disaster. Flood barrier installation trainings, disaster
trainings, etc. are carried out regularly.


Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry: Business Continuity Plan Certification


Water stop plate


Emergency training



Our involvement with administrative support

FY 2019

Kawasaki City Industry-Academia Joint Research Project Subsidy
Kawasaki City Staffing Support Subsidy
Kawasaki City International Economy Promotion Subsidy
JETRO Overseas Support Subsidy

FY 2018

Revised Monozukuri Subsidy for FY2017
IT Adoption Subsidy
Kawasaki City Human Resource Development Subsidy
Kawasaki City Business Continuity Enhancement Subsidy

FY 2020

Kawasaki City New Technology Development Support Subsidy
Kawasaki City Staffing Support Subsidy
Kawasaki City Business Model Creation Project
Kawasaki City Cutting-edge Equipment Installation Subsidy
Kawasaki City Contents Globalization Support Subsidy
Kanagawa Prefecture Recovery Promotion Support Subsidy
Kanagawa Prefecture Telework Support Subsidy

FY 2021

Third supplementary business reconstruction subsidy for fiscal year 2020 (second public tender, regular frame)
Kawasaki City "Ganbaru Monozukuri" subsidy for supporting (manufacturing) companies
Kawasaki City subsidy for supporting globalization of contents
Kanagawa prefecture, virtual video creation for overseas buyers

FY 2022

Kawasaki City, "Ganbaru Monozukuri" subsidy for supporting (manufacturing) companies

Kawasaki City, Promotion for joint industry-academy research projects

Certification of Business Continuity Planning by Small and Medium Enterprise Agency

Kawasaki City [Joint Matching Session for Internships between Students and Kawasaki City Companies]

Kawasaki City [Job matching event with women and Kawasaki City Companies]

Revised subsidy for Monozukuri for FY 2019

Kanagawa Industrial Promotion Center, subsidy for support project to create corporate PR videos

FY 2023

Kawasaki City subsidy for supporting globalization of contents

Kawasaki City [Joint Matching Session for Internships between Students and Kawasaki City Companies]

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