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We report on what RIKAZAI has been doing recently, 
and our latest initiatives.




14th Kawasaki City Monozukuri Brand accreditation


RIKAZAI’s metal foil rolling technology was accredited by the Kawasaki Monozukuri Brand
Promotion Council for excellence in originality, innovativeness, sales performance, future promise
and social contribution. 
A wide range of our products and technology have received certification, from the industrial
products and processing technologies that support manufacturing sites to consumer products
that make the most of unique designs and ideas.


ISO14001 Certification

(Renewed Jul.2018)

This is the certification standard for environmental management systems formulated by the
International Organisation for Standardisation.
The standard serves as a guideline to analyse environmental risk in an organisation and build
a management system to reduce that risk. It was formulated for the purpose of supporting an
organisation’s autonomous environmental initiatives. 


Registration as a Kanagawa SDGs Partner, 4th Term

The United Nations International Sustainable Development Goals comprise 17 global goals and
169 targets.
RIKAZAI is working actively on the following items.


Certification as "1st Kawasaki SDGs Gold Partner" on April 26th 2021

Technology financing

We continuously challenge in order to maintain our legacy of rolling technology
nurtured over many years and to find new materials.



In order to protect the lives and rights of all children, we cooperate continuously with UNICEF.



We have built an environment management system based on ISO 14001 and are developing
eco-friendly business activities. 

リカザイ株式会社|創立70 周年記念行事

Renewal of Sony Corporation Green Partner accreditation
Renewal of Canon Group Green Procurement accreditation
Nikon Corporation Green Partner accreditation

70th Anniversary Event

Kawasaki City Monozukuri Brand
accreditation(Jan. 2018)

Kanagawa Business Audition
Double Award(Feb.2019)

RIKAZAI’s performance and initiatives are
rated highly from many sides.
We will continue to contribute to society
through our corporate activities.


Our involvement with government support

FY 2019

Kawasaki City Industry-Academia Joint Research Project Subsidy
Kawasaki City Staffing Support Subsidy
Kawasaki City International Economy Promotion Subsidy
JETRO Overseas Support Subsidy

FY 2018

Revised Monozukuri Subsidy for FY2017
IT Adoption Subsidy
Kawasaki City Human Resource Development Subsidy
Kawasaki City Business Continuity Enhancement Subsidy

FY 2020

Kawasaki City New Technology Development Support Subsidy
Kawasaki City Staffing Support Subsidy
Kawasaki City Business Model Creation Project
Kawasaki City Cutting-edge Equipment Installation Subsidy
Kawasaki City Contents Globalization Support Subsidy
Kanagawa Prefecture Recovery Promotion Support Subsidy
Kanagawa Prefecture Telework Support Subsidy

FY 2021

Third supplementary business reconstruction subsidy for fiscal year 2020 (second public tender, regular frame)
Kawasaki City "Ganbaru Monozukuri" subsidy for supporting (manufacturing) companies
Kawasaki City subsidy for supporting globalization of contents
Kanagawa prefecture, virtual video creation for overseas buyers

FY 2022


RIKAZAI in the future

As we work towards our visionfor a bright future,
our corporate activities will improve our creativity
to enable us to contribute to society, 
and we aim at becoming a “100-years-company”.


Main factory remodelled
into composite building


Corporate branding(Trademark registered)


Creation of
mascot-characters through
industry-academia collaboration

(Trademark registered)


Online exhibitions


promotion of teleconferencing,
order forecasting using AI

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