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Titanium nickel alloy foil 0.005mm(5μm)


New thin-foil solder rolls by Integration of RIKAZAI's thin foil technology and our partner company's for solder (brazing material) technology.

Adoption by market leader companies.

Our strength is making thin foil.
 So much that there is a saying in the industry: 
‘RIKAZAI is the go-to for thin foil’.


Unique precision
rolling technology

Special tolerance ±2% or less

Knowledge of the most
appropriate materials

Extensive procurement routes

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Variety of precision
secondary working

Cooperation with specialist
processing companies

Expansion into new fields

Thanks to the integration of the technology and experience 
we have built up over many years with industry-academia collaboration (Tokyo Institute of Technology, Hokkaido University),
 we are able to do things no one else in the world is capable of.

Hydrogen-fuelled vehicles

SPring-8 Institute of Physical
and Chemical Research

State-of-the-art radio telescope

The beautiful high-quality metal foils processed by RIKAZAI
 are used in a wide range of fields, from next-generation vehicles to energy research,
 medical devices, consumer products, precision instruments, oceanography
and space research.